How many languages does your website speak? The internet's rapid growth brings new global opportunities, yet also presents new language barriers. We specialize in Multilingual enterprise websites.

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With over half a decade of driving traffic and increasing the number of unique hits our clients receive, we have the knowledge of how to improve your company's search engine ranking and website visitors.

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HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, a framework designed to support innovation and foster the full potential the web has to offer.

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Since starting in 2005, the people at Haibo Network have learnt a lot about delivering compelling results.

We've done some excellent projects for wonderful clients, and we wouldn't be able to do a single one of them without our most valuable asset: our team. Positioned in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. A key location on East China, Nearby the international metropolis Shanghai. We're always in to listen to your ideas and ready to discuss a plan of approach on how we can make them work.

So, while website building is at the heart of our services, we do so much more. Branding, content development & internet marketing consulting services combine to support our design and code fundamentals.